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Fall-Winter 2021

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Spring-Summer 2021

Special Section: Bad Indians
     Guest Editors Laura M. Furlan and Lydia M. Heberling

From the Editors

Reimagining Native California with Deborah Miranda’s Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir
     Laura M. Furlan and Lydia M. Heberling

Surviving Catastrophe: Traveling with Coyote in Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir
     Lydia M. Heberling

The Archives of Deborah Miranda’s Bad Indians
     Laura M. Furlan

“Erasure Is a Bitch, Isn’t It?”: Deborah Miranda’s Feminist Geographies and Native Women’s Life Writing
     Anne Mai Yee Jansen

Deborah Miranda, Natalie Diaz, Tommy Pico, and Metaphors of Representation
     Colleen G. Eils

When Coyote Knocks on the Door: Documenting Chaos, Archiving Resilience
     Deborah Miranda

General Articles
Plant Life in Louise Erdrich’s The Beet Queen
     Jane Im

“Americanism for Indians”: Carlos Montezuma’s “Immigrant Problem,” Wassaja, and the Limits of Native Activism
     Cristina Stanciu

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